With Kick Ass Pays you earn between 51% and 61% of all sales generated from the surfers you send to any of our sites, including trial memberships, recurring for the lifetime of the subscriber!

Avg. Daily Joins1st Month2nd Month3rd Month

The chart above is a projection of your income potential based on our current monthly rates, conversion and retention ratios.

If other webmasters join Kick Ass Pays and list you as the person who referred them to our program, we will pay you a bonus equal to 5% of what we pay that webmaster. We'll keep giving you this extra 5% for as long as that webmaster remains in our program!

We hate being perplexed, and are pretty sure you hate it too. So we created a single revenue sharing program that earns you a base rate of 51% recurring for the lifetime of the subscriber, and has a simple sliding scale for percentage bonuses.

The 51% is calculated on the gross income generated from sales made to the surfers you send us. All types of sales - trial, standard, and extended - are included. We split the processing fees.

We pay you every week, with a $25 reserve.

Our bonus program is very simple: as you send more sales our way, we will increase the percentage of those sales that we pay you. This chart explains the details.

Monthly GrossPayout Rate
> $051%
> $50052%
> $1,00054%
> $1,50056%
> $2,50058%
> $4,00061%
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