Q: What is the base payout?
A: We will pay you a base 51% of any sale you send us, for the lifetime of that subscription. The more sales you send us, the higher percentage we pay you, up to 61%!
Q: What are the bonus payouts?
A: In a given month: when you generate more than $500 (gross sales) we'll pay you 52%. Generate more than $1,000 and we'll pay you 54%. Generate more than $1,500 and get 56%. Generate > $2,500, we pay 58%. Generate >$4,000 and get 61%.
Q: What are your subscription plans?
A: We offer a 30-day subscription for $29.95, and a 90-day subscription for $59.95. Exact subscription plans may vary, but we pay you your percentage for any and all types of sales resulting from surfers you referred to us.
Q: Do you offer popup and console-free programs?
A: Yes. All of our programs are popup and console-free, since we personally hate them, from a porn-surfer's point of view. So rest assured that the traffic you send us is going to us, and us alone.
Q: Can I make money by referring other webmasters to Kick Ass Pays?
A: Yes!!! We pay you a bonus equivalent to 5% of the earnings of each webmaster you have referred to Kick Ass Pays.
Q: When do you pay me?
A: Our payment processor, CCBill, will send you a check on our behalf every week.
Q: Do I have to earn a certain amount before you pay me?
A: The money you earn collects until you have a minimum of $25. We send you a check for every pay period in which your accumulated earning reaches this minimum.
Q: Can I promote Kick Ass on newsgroups, single opt-in email lists, or chat rooms?
A: NO!!! We do not tolerate spam of any kind. Your account(s) will be terminated and you will not get paid.
Q: Can I promote Kick Ass via TGPs, top lists, free sites, and double opt-in email lists?
A: YES!!! A note on email promotions - you must notify us before commencing any email campaigns on double opt-in lists. Your mailing efforts must also be CANSPAM compliant. "Double opt-in" means that when you acquired the email address from the surfer, you sent an email to that email address to confirm that it was indeed them that submitted their email. The surfer would have clicked a link or sent a reply stating they are ok with you sending the offers via their email address. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for our acceptable opt-in mail policy.
Q: Can we make our own banners?
A: Sure! However, you may not mislead the surfer and may not use illegal subject matter. Doing so will result in your account being terminated without pay.
Q: Do you provide free banners, galleries, trailers, etc?
A: Yes. These are available in the Affiliates area of this site.
Q: Can I hotlink to your banners?
A: No. You must serve them from your own server.
Q: What are my "Link Codes"?
A: Linking codes are the means by which you send us traffic that we can identify as belonging to you, and can thus pay you for. These are available in the Affiliates area of this site.
Q: How do I see my stats - like, how much money I am making, etc.?
A: All this information is available by logging in to your Affiliate Admin Console.
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